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CB Inspo: Pantone

What Makes a Powerful Brand Image?

What types of brands are you drawn to? What types of images or ideas catch your eye and cause you to smile? When you're scrolling through an Instagram or Pinterest feed, have you ever thought about why certain posts cause you to stop, read, like, re-pin, comment, or screenshot the content? 

As designers, we at CB Creative Agency are always looking for inspiration in the media world around us. We, too, ask ourselves the question: what brands inspire us, and why?


For years, one of our all-time favorite brands has been Pantone. This incredibly successful company began as a graphic standards system for professional designers in 1963, but since then it has morphed into a global design force. Today, their marketing efforts are geared toward becoming a brand synonymous with good design and a universal language of color.

Our Favorite Things About Pantone

1. Its iconic, clean design style

2. Its universality-- the entire design world knows, loves, and utilizes the Pantone color palette

3. Its marketing style-- Pantone markets itself by featuring the work of fans (the images below are all user-created images/videos that Pantone has featured in its Instagram feed)

At its core CB Creative Agency is motivated by a love for creative evolution, and we hope each blog post inspires you with our work. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages

Artist Spotlight: Dodie Sy

Shrouded in dreamlike memories of his childhood in the Philippines, Dodie infuses the sights and emotions of his memories onto the canvas. A deep need to express his enigmatic visions led him to create works that invoke both the beauty and imperfections we encounter in our lives.

Evolution of the Artist:

Dodie Sy was raised in the natural splendor of the Philippines and moved to California with his family at age 13, where he had to assimilate to a new environment and find his identity as an artistic immigrant. Dodie initially studied interior design at FIDM on a full scholarship, but longed for more creative freedom and left school to pursue floral design. Escalating his artistry from simple arrangements to grand scale events, Dodie has had many industry achievements and works with White Lilac, Inc. today.

An Artist

Never one to sit idle, he soon felt compelled to try a new medium and began painting floral scapes in watercolor. Shortly after his husband saw his potential as a painter he urged Dodie to try his hand at oil painting. Dodie instantly fell in love with the medium and his ability to manipulate the vivid oils on the canvas. 

Today, Dodie Sy is showing at Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art in Laguna Beach, CA. He has also shown at the Santa Ana Artwalk and been featured in Modern Luxury OC Magazine.

 At its core CB Creative Agency is motivated by a love for creative evolution, and we hope each blog post inspires you with our work. Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages