CB Gives Back

What if you had to walk 20 miles just for one glass of water?


Women and children in Africa are forced to walk over 20 miles every day in desperate conditions in order to reach water sources. CB Creative Agency is teaming up with the Laguna Beach High School Walking for Water Club in effort to end this threatening water crisis in West Africa. 

Beyond working with our primary clients, we at CB Creative Agency embrace the opportunity we have to give back by helping nonprofit causes such as Walking for Water. We developed this website with the Laguna Beach High School Walking for Water Club, and we are helping the club to promote their "walk for water" on June 3, 2018. Come walk with us or visit their website to donate directly to the cause.


The Laguna Beach High School Walking for Water Club is hosting a "walk for water" on June 3rd, 2018 at the Laguna Beach High School Track from 12-3 pm.

The Walking for Water Club empowers our teens to service those in need and share their gifts to uplift communities. Walking for Water is honored to support Wisdom Spring, in the effort to build wells in rural Africa. Clean water is a luxury in many parts of the world, but with your generosity we can help put an end to water deprivation. This walk symbolizes the daily struggle of women and children around the world, as they walk miles each day to access clean water. 

Last year we were able to dig two wells in Burkina Faso and East Africa, bringing clean water to over 2,000 people! This year we are counting on you to reach our goal of digging three wells and hopefully expanding our efforts to Nepal. 

Can't make it? Donate here instead.