Coveted lifestyles appear effortless, but look closer and you can see a designer’s touch in every detail. The perfect piece of art in it’s home, the lighting of a photoshoot, the typeface of a logo, and the colorway of an accent wall are all details that make a significant impact on the spectator. CB Creative Agency manifests a brand’s spirit through art consulting, building brands, styling contemporary interiors, creating custom content and visual identity creation. At its core CB Creative Agency is motivated by a love for creative evolution.

Translating their client’s distinct intentions through designing content and spaces that directly reflect their core mission, CB Creative Agency elevates brand positioning through creative development. Focused on visual assets, CB Creative Agency develops brand identities that inspire, guide, and motivate. At CB Creative Agency lifestyles are designed, cultivated, and ultimately coveted.

Current and Notable Clients: EQ Office, Bear Flag Fish Co., Big Presence Agency, White Lilac Inc., Costa Lifestyle Medicine, Creative Recreation, Church Boutique, Sergio Hudson, Dru DeCaro, Soho Design House, Westlake Recording Studios, West Maui Hospital Foundation.

Non-Profits we Work With: Father Bill Moore Foundation, Art 4 Healing.

In my adult life I’ve understood that if I put an enormous amount of love and honesty into something, usually that shows in the end.
— Tom Ford

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